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ACA – Affordable Care Act

The ACA was signed into law on March 23, 2010, with the primary goal of providing more Americans with access to affordable health insurance coverage. This Act helps over 32 million Americans afford healthcare who previously could not afford it. The targeted date to accomplish this is 2019.

A few of the key benefits to ACA are:

  • Prohibits rescissions of health insurance policies. Individuals cannot be dropped from coverage for any reason aside from fraud
  • Eliminates lifetime and unreasonable annual limits on coverage
  • Prohibits discriminating against individuals with pre-existing conditions

Effective January 2014, all US legal residents are required to maintain health insurance that meets the standard of minimum essential coverage (MEC) as defined by the ACA for themselves and their dependents or otherwise be subject to pay a tax penalty. Effective January 1, 2015, all large employers, such as our organization, are required to offer medical insurance to all full-time employees and their dependents. The ACA also requires that the coverage offered to full-time employees – but not to dependents – be affordable as defined by the ACA.

Message to our valued customers

We have always made it our goal to consistently offer our customers the best talent, at the fastest pace and at the most competitive price. As many of our customers have expected, ACA creates incremental health insurance costs, a new benefits administration infrastructure, technology for automation and monitoring, engagement of experts, employee communications and employer reporting requirements.

Our clients have been reassured that our dedication to risk mitigation and providing solution based services will consistently be reflected in our compliance toward the Affordable Care Act and all other federal and state hiring mandates. At a time when human resources administration is becoming a core competency drain, they expect that we will bring even more added value to the outsourcing of their hiring process.

As we head into 2015, we remain committed to delivering the same quality of excellent service our customers have come to associate with us. United with our clients, we will continue to play a key role in driving domestic employment and economic growth up and promoting healthy employer and employee relations.

What we are doing to comply with the ACA employer mandate.

We will comply with the letter and intent of the law by offering affordable coverage for those individuals who meet eligibility criteria.

We have a long history of being able to attract and retain top employees. We will continue to offer a competitive benefits package to ensure we uphold our reputation of employing top employees. As an employer, we are responsible for making available ACA compliant coverage to our employees.

In general, the ACA will make it easier for non-traditional employees to secure health insurance coverage through an employer, or the Healthcare Exchanges. This should result in a greater supply of temporary employees.

We are committed to the legal and ethical management of our work forces pursuant to its provisions.

What we are doing to manage ACA administration and compliance.

To fully comply with ACA requirements, we have:

  • Implemented automated technology systems to assess eligibility. This avoids diluting the recruiters’ time spent supporting the hiring needs of our customers and the placement needs of our candidates
  • Implemented an automated employee notification system with multiple points of contact for quicker employee service
  • Provided access to Telephonic and recorded proof of benefits offering and counseling session through a third-party to ensure the personalized questions of each valued employee is answered and a recorded proof of offering is generated
  • Established cyclical Compliance Auditing
  • Developed multiple benefit plans available to provide employees with choices
  • Created a comprehensive benefit administration process via our internal Enrollment Department, and in-house licensed subject matter experts
  • Devised a technological configuration and build-out to accommodate:
    • ✓ Hours capture
    • ✓ Eligibility thresholds
    • ✓ ACA specific capabilities
    • ✓ Future evolutions of ACA mandates

Who do I contact to discuss my outsourcing needs?

Each of our local branches is able to assist you directly. Please use this branch locator.

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